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Reaching Out To The Community

“Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”
– St. Francis of Assisi
Mission and Outreach to our city, our country and our world!

The Mission & Outreach Committee is just one channel through which our church tries to live and walk in the way that Jesus taught us. The generosity of our congregation helps support a number of local service organizations, nourishes a deep friendship with the Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry, undertakes the resettlement of refugees, touches the suffering in far-off missions through Presbyterian World Service & Development, and celebrates our growing intercultural community.
We welcome your ideas, and if you’re looking for a way to “give back” for the blessings you receive we know lots of people who can use a lot of help. Just email us at and we’ll be in touch.

Upcoming Mission and Outreach Events

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Presbyterian World Service & Development


Our church in as active contributor to PWS&D. Our ongoing fund-raising events include the Christmas Pageant, and the Christmas Eve Family service. We also tie in to nation-wide events organized by PWS&D, such as the Jeff-a-Thon and generate local events in conjunction with other church ministries. Learn more about current PWS&D programs and ongoing needs at this link or contact Brian Merrett at



The Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry was established by The Presbyterian Church in Canada to serve in an urban environment of poverty, broken families and lost connections to native traditions. In 2001, The Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul joined the Saskatoon Ministry in a twinning relationship, a formal partnership between two congregations or groups, working together mutually and equally as members of the Body of Christ. The goal is a relationship in which each learns and enriches the other as we witness the gospel and work together on a specific project or exchanges of information or skills.

Healing and Reconciliation

This springtime event in the Quiet Garden is always a joyous moment, with friends new and old, tastes of bannock, wild rice and Labrador tea, and the rhythms of our native brothers and sisters.
This year, we were privileged to be joined by Nina Segalowitz and Taqralik Partridge, Inuit throat singers, whose music and personalities delighted young and old. Enjoy a moment with Nina and Taqrilak here.
Healing and Reconciliation is a Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada built on the Great Commandment: Love the Neighbour. At the heart of Healing and Reconciliation is the belief that society will be transformed for the better when Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people develop a new understanding of each other and build a new relationship founded on mutual respect and love of neighbour.

“With God’s guidance, our church will seek opportunities to walk with Aboriginal peoples to find healing and wholeness together as God’s people.”
– from the Church’s Confession to Aboriginal Peoples

What is the Native Circle Ministry?

The Native Circle Minister, the Reverend Stewart Folster, a graduate of the Vancouver School of Theology, is one of three active ordained Native Presbyterian ministers in Canada. His store-front mission in Saskatoon, provides ministry, Bible study, visitation, caring and special services for funerals and weddings. His ministry also includes youth and addiction counselling for those who, like the Rev. Folster himself, knew childhoods marred by violence, alcoholism and extreme poverty.

Neechewagon (Nee-Chay-Wa-Gun)

This Cree word means “brothers and sisters,” and “friends” in the Native language. The A&P Neechewagon is a group of members of our church who meet regularly to learn more about Native culture, history and spirituality and to nourish our twinning with the Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry. Through the generosity of many in our congregation and the East Toronto Presbytery, we were blessed to buy a van for the Ministry.

Knitters for Neechewagon

Saskatoon winters are cold, and especially bleak for the homeless and poor. A group of ladies at St. Andrew and St. Paul gather once a month to knit mittens, scarves, sweaters and caps for those cared for by the Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry. These devoted ladies have produced hundreds of items over the past four years, all shipped with love to our friends in Saskatoon.


Celebration Sunday

Every year on the third Sunday in January, the Mission & Outreach Committee and The Guild celebrate the twenty-plus local service organizations which our church helps support financially, and through members’ time and talent. Each year, representatives of the agencies join us for an inspirational worship service, and a Kildonan Hall reception where we learn more about their dedication and passion for the hungry, the young, the sick, the abused and the forgotten in our city. We are grateful for all they do. The videos below tell their stories of how they impact the lives of many people in our community who would often have nowhere else to go if this support was not available.

To watch the videos, click on the logos below.