"Leading with Care"
About Us

The Quiet Garden

Lord, thy call we answer.
Take us in thy care.
Train us in thy garden.
In thy work to share.

Between the church and the Musée des beaux arts to the east, is the Quiet Garden, a bicentennial project that opened in 2003. It provides a haven for reflection in the busy downtown neighbourhood. During the summer, it is often the site for Bible Study and post-service receptions. The entrance off Sherbrooke Street is open seasonally from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our Quiet Garden is a spiritual oasis in the city; a place for busy people to find a quiet interlude for prayer and meditation. Everyone is welcome to enter into this beautiful and secure space. It is filled with life and growth and colour, reminders of God's reassuring work in our world. We hope that in our garden, visitors, friends and neighbours will find solace, serenity and the radiant presence of our risen Lord, who first came to his followers in a garden.

  • This vacant space between the and the Musée des beaux arts before 2003

  • A lot of hard work transformed it into a peaceful garden

  • A place to reflect

  • Our gardening committee works with joy

  • Looking toward Sherbrooke Street, the Musée des beaux arts on the left

  • A popular spot for family gatherings

  • Intercultural Coffee & Conversation in the garden...

  • ...always a popular event after the Sunday service.