A Person to Make Telephone Calls

Johnty Wang

  • One-time
  • Anywhere

Job Description

For 10 days only, starting immediately. To make calls for our Fall Fair Friendraising/Fundraising Campaign 2021. Because of COVID, we cannot have the Fall Fair, but would still like to be able to donate money to the Charitable Foundations we support.

Preferred Assets and Skills

A people person who understands that we are not asking for money for ourselves, but for the Charitable Foundations we support.

Describe any learning opportunities that you or your team might teach or support.
I (Thea Calder) will explain what is involved and we have a script and information that can be used to do this.

Name of leader/convenor/potential mentor
Thea Calder

Person to whom volunteer would report (convenor/overseer/teacher/mentor)
Thea Calder
Name of Committee or Workgroup (and to whom do THEY report? organigramme)
The Guild
Mandate/goal/ or Mission of Workgroup as a whole
The Guild is an active and essential arm of the church. All members and adherents of the congregation are members of the Guild. The Guild has an executive committee that holds a monthly planning meeting. We always welcome members of the congregation who are interested in our work.
The purpose of the Guild is to unite the congregation by offering programs of fellowship and services to others in the church and beyond.
Chair of Committee
Betty-Jo Christiani

To apply for this job email your details to jobjar@standrewstpaul.com