Co-Facilitator for Volunteers

Johnty Wang

  • Reoccurring
  • Anywhere

Job Description

(one person already in post; two additional team members sought)

  1. Work with Jacqueline and team to develop volunteer office and info about service opportunities. can work remotely by zoom, JOYJAR email, and telephone.
  2. Respond to inquiries received via JOYJAR email, or telephone (can set your own hours: to be shared with Jacqueline and at least one other facilitator! Hopefully!)
  3. If able, assist those searching for volunteers, to structure their posting – ie to describe their job that needs doing, and to provide their teacher/leader/convenor/mentor to whom the volunteer will report (Jacqueline with the help of Johnty and others, will teach you to do this, as we go along, and as the JOYJAR is developing)
  4. Co-facilitator can set time frame: for example: manning phones Tuesday morning, or limit workgroup membership eg 1-3 years renewable, etc

Preferred assets of applicants

  • Volunteer facilitators cultivate a cheery welcoming telephone voice, and a helpful welcoming approach. This is a key skill.
  • it is useful to have the capacity to communicate via telephone and email.
  • positive attitude to working with a team to devise ways of working together and developing consensus. Cultivate team spirit.
  • it is helpful but not absolutely needed in the beginning – to have had experience with voluntarism, and have the possibility of cultivating comfort with and interest in website and/or spread sheets (these can be learned on the job if preferred).

Describe any learning opportunities that you or your team might teach or support

Focus on helping people contribute to the work of the Church. Enhance IT skills and spreadsheets; enhance knowledge of congregation as a whole and cultivate fellowship, enjoy working in a team.

Name of leader/convenor/potential mentor

Dr Jacqueline McClaran

Name of Committee or Workgroup (and to whom do THEY report? organigramme):
The Volunteer Facilitators workgroup reports to Mentor Bruce Bolton, Chairperson for the Steering Committee.

Chair of Committee: if there is a committee overseer in the church organigramme, please provide name. *
Mr. Bruce Bolton


To apply for this job email your details to