Data analysis for social media

Johnty Wang

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Job Description

To look at numbers for our YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and to tell the Communications Committee what they mean. Attend a monthly meeting on the third Wednesday to report findings.

Desired Skills

Familiar with social media analytics

Describe any learning opportunities that you or your team might teach or support.

The Committee chair would help support this project by describing what information has been accumulated at date

Name of leader/convenor/potential mentor

Jeanette Kelly

Name of Committee or Workgroup (and to whom do THEY report? organigramme):

Steering Committee

Mandate/goal/ or Mission of Workgroup as a whole: Can you restate the goals of this activity? Or of your committee as a whole? ( If you have documents for applicant to peruse, give website or email of person who could provide them).

To help the Communications Committee find out the most successful ways to communicate the church’s message to the congregation, including the online worshippers and the Montreal community.

Chair of Committee: if there is a committee overseer in the church organigramme, please provide name.

Jeanette Kelly

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